Why stress is the enemy - The Himalayan Yeti

Why stress is the enemy - The Himalayan Yeti

Riddle me this, "What is it that everyone has, but no one wants?" If your answer is stress then you are right. Nowadays, stress is probably more prevalent than ever before.   

What actually is stress?   

Maybe you had an argument with a friend, or you could have a deadline at the office. You could be nervous about starting a new job. A situation that makes us feel threatened or challenged is called a stressor.   

Stress is our psychological and physiological reaction when we face any such situation.  

Why stress is the enemy - The Himalayan Yeti

What causes it?   

If we experience a stressful situation like maybe a near-miss accident, our body releases hormones. This makes us alert, increases blood circulation, tenses our muscles and quickens breathing. The metabolic and reproductive systems are slowed down to divert more energy to the essential systems. This is known as the "fight-or-flight" response.   

About stress: 

Stress is useful in many situations where there's a threat or challenge. It helps your body protect itself in potentially dangerous situations. The stress subsides after the situation is handled. However, if stress persists for a long time, even without any apparent reason, it can cause a multitude of issues. 

Stress is of three types: 

  1. Acute stress: This is the short-term stress that we feel in various situations: slamming the brakes hard, an adventure sport or maybe your phone is missing when you check your pockets. This helps you manage difficult situations. It can also occur when you do something exciting. This subsides after the situation is over. 
  1. Episodic acute stress: This is when acute stress occurs frequently. It could be because of frequent high-stress situations in the office like important meetings or repeated deadlines. If this occurs very regularly, the effects accumulate and can cause health issues. 
  1. Chronic stress: When the stressors continue for a long time like trouble at work, financial problems, family issues etc. These could last for months or even years at a time. Unknowingly, we get used to this and it causes a plethora of mental and physical issues.
Why stress is the enemy - The Himalayan Yeti

While they do not treat stress wholly, The Himalayan Yeti has launched a line of products that can help you. The Relaxing Mist alleviates your stress for a short time thus allowing you to focus properly. 

What happens when someone experiences stress for a long time? 

Chronic stress can cause a multitude of problems: 

  • Cardiovascular problems: High blood pressure, heart attacks, arrhythmia, stroke etc. 
  • Mental issues: Depression, anxiety attacks, PTSD, burnout. 
  • Digestive issues: Obesity due to stress eating, ulcers etc. 
  • It can cause loss of sleep, irregular sleep cycles 
  • Skin and hair problems: acne, eczema, hair loss  
  • Loss of sexual desire, premature ejaculation.

How to manage stress? 

Managing stress is not easy. But every little bit helps. Here are a few ways to manage stress. 

  • Exercise or physical activity 
  • Maintaining a nutritious diet while avoiding alcohol and drugs. 
  • Talking and spending time with loved ones. 
  • Time management 
  • Spending some time to relax and let off steam. 

The Rejuvenation Mist gives your mood an uplift whenever you feel down or mentally exhausted. 

Stress is a recurring condition in our lives. But don't let it become a long-term problem. Take it easy. Take out some time from your daily schedule to do something that you enjoy. Take some time to take a deep breath. Developing such habits can reduce the chances of suffering from the long-term health impacts of stress. 

Frequently asked questions: 

What causes stress? 

A: Stress can be caused by the smallest of things- your phone is missing, a fight with your friend or partner, office work. Different situations cause different levels of stress and you usually calm down once the situation is resolved. 

Why is stress over a long time bad? 

A: Over short durations, stress actually helps you overcome a difficulty and subsides after that. But, when stress is present over a longer duration, it can cause many issues like cardiovascular distress, mental issues and digestive problems. 

How to minimize stress? 

A: While getting rid of stress completely is not possible, we have many ways to minimise it. The easiest way is to take out some time from your daily routine to do some activity that you really enjoy. It could be as simple as reading a book or even listening to a song. 

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