How to use relaxing mist - The Himalayan Yeti

How to use relaxing mist - The Himalayan Yeti

Need for relaxing mist: 

It is a tale as old as time that everyone's life is stressful in some way or the other. Everyone faces stress and exhaustion in their lives. You must have tried many things to get rid of your stress. You may have thought about taking a trip to nature at least once. 

Now just imagine yourself standing near a lake. Nestled by lush green hills, the warm sun shone from above. You could hear birds chirping and squirrels scampering up and down the trees. So pristine. The definition of serenity itself. The gentle breeze flowing downhill from the hilltops carries a distinct yet indefinable scent. The earthy and woody yet fresh and moist scent is the defining trait of such forests. 

You might think that while this sounds heavenly, finding such a place is easier said than done. What if I told you, that such an experience could be delivered to your doorstep? (Don't worry. I won't be dropping a hill at your doorstep.) The Himalayan Yeti has the answer to your problems. 

How to use relaxing mist - The Himalayan Yeti

About our Relaxing Mist: 

That is exactly what we are delivering with our Relaxing Mist. You are sure to experience the essence of the forest with its subtle hints of Cedar. The underlying Vetiver delivers that freshness with its grassy and earthy fragrance. The gentle scents lift spirits while effectively improving mood and lowering anxiety levels. 

How to use: 

Experiencing this magical mist is very simple. Just spray the mist lightly from about 3 inches away on your body. A tip from the Yeti: Spray twice on your pillow and you will sleep like a log (got it?). 

How to use relaxing mist - The Himalayan Yeti


Stress is very common in the world nowadays. It is important to de-stress yourself or it can have an impact on your mental health. Our formulation might not be a remedy but it can alleviate your stress for a short time and improve your mood tremendously. 

Frequently asked questions: 

When can you use the Relaxing Mist? 

A: Anytime you feel stressed or are mentally exhausted, use the mist and feel the stress melt away. Use it whenever you feel like it. We know that you’ll like it and won’t be able to resist it.  

A top-secret tip for you from the Yeti, the myth and the legend himself: Spray the mist on your pillow when trying to sleep. You’ll thank us. 

How often can you use the Relaxing Mist? 

A: There’s no other feeling like the one when you are fully relaxed without a care in the world. Why let stress obstruct the way? Use the mist as many times as you want without worry. After all, The Himalayan Yeti’s Relaxing Mist is skin and nature safe. 

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