How to use aftershave gel

How to use aftershave gel

Need for aftershave 

One of the most crucial parts of skin care is shaving. Shaving helps one feel refreshed and rejuvenated. However, unknown to you, shaving causes minute cuts on your face. It also causes the pores on your skin to become exposed. This provides a haven for numerous bacteria and fungi to enter your skin and cause various infections. This is where an aftershave comes in. 

Aftershaves are used after shaving (you may thank me for clearing that doubt). They contain antiseptic compounds like alcohol or some essential oils which sterilise the bacteria. Since alcohol dries the skin, it is not recommended. It also closes up the pores, thereby preventing the accumulation of foreign material.

How to use aftershave gel

Types of aftershave: 

Aftershaves are of three types: 

Aftershave balm:

Aftershave balms contain very little to no alcohol, which is generally preferred. These have a creamy texture. Instead, they contain essential oils, which are antiseptic and moisturising. Balms are recommended for people with dry and normal skin. 

Aftershave gels:

Similar to balms, After Shaving gel contain a negligible amount of alcohol. The only difference is the consistency. As you may have inferred, gels have a thicker consistency. Aftershave gels are not as moisturising as balms. But, people with oily and normal skin would find these perfect for use. 

Aftershave lotions:

Lotions (or splashes) contain a large amount of alcohol, which leaves the skin dry. It also tightens the pores which can lead to ingrown hair. Many times, they also contain artificial fragrances and dyes. Hence, aftershave lotions are generally not recommended.

For people with sensitive skin, it is recommended to opt for “scent free” products. They should always be on the lookout for products that mention "for sensitive skin".  

After choosing your preferred product, it's important to use it correctly. While using too little aftershave will not be effective, using too much would also be a waste of the product.  

Steps to use aftershave 

Rinse your face after shaving (pre aftershave?) 

Use cold water to rinse your face completely (make sure it reaches your chin and neck as well). This will not only get rid of the excess shaving foam and any loose hair but also close off your pores, hence preventing any dirt from entering your skin. Pat dry your face but leave it a little damp. 

Take a little after shave in your palm 

Take a few drops of after shave in your palm. Damp hands help in easier application. Then rub your hands together to spread the product properly. 

Apply to the shaven areas 

Gently rub the after shave onto the face and massage it till it is fully absorbed. If your skin still feels a little dry, take a smaller amount of aftershave and repeat the same process. It is advised to moisturise the entire area with the aftershave.

How to use aftershave gel


After shave is a product that can be used to give your skin a refreshing feel. The purpose of aftershave is to reduce irritation and prevent infection. But it is important to note that not all aftershaves are suitable for everybody. It is crucial to know which product suits you the best. 

The All-Purpose After Shave Gel from The Himalayan Yeti not only moisturises your skin while giving you the tingling feeling. It is suitable for all skin types! 


Frequently asked questions: 

Which aftershave should you use? 

A: Avoid aftershaves that contain alcohol as it dries the skin. The specific product depends on your skin type. 

What should you use for sensitive skin? 

A: Use products that specifically mention “for sensitive skin”. 

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