How to use Hair Oil - The Himalayan Yeti

How to use Hair Oil - The Himalayan Yeti

You might not have guessed this, but hair oil is one of the simplest yet most effective tools for hair care. Yes, it may be greasy and oily (wouldn't have guessed that). Yet, it provides innumerable benefits for your hair.  

When you step out of your house, your hair gets impacted by pollution, the weather, the sun etc. While shampooing does remove any dirt and pollution, your hair still lacks the essential nutrients it needs to maintain itself. That is why you need to oil your hair regularly.  

How to use Hair Oil - The Himalayan Yeti

Advantages of oiling hair: 

Hair oiling means pouring oil onto your hair and massaging it into the scalp. It doesn't only form a protective layer over your hair, but also provides essential vitamins and minerals that are lost due to pollution, regular shampooing etc.  

Our hair requires some lipids to look healthy. These lipids are lost due to pollution and frequent hair styling. Hair oil contains these essential lipids. So, applying oil to your hair replenishes them.  

Massaging during oiling helps to exfoliate the scalp. This helps improve the circulation of blood to the scalp, which helps in bringing nutrients to your hair.  

The Himalayan Yeti’s Nutri-Boost Hair Oil is ideal for men as it provides all the necessary nutrients that your hair needs. Its unique formulation enables it to be absorbed quickly without making your head feel too greasy. 

How to use Hair Oil

How to use: 

Applying the oil is pretty straightforward if you take care of a couple of things. 

Massage oil onto the scalp 

Pour some oil onto your scalp and massage it well. Use circular motions and massage with your fingertips. Take care to not apply too much oil. This can make your hair feel very heavy and greasy. Start with a little. You can always apply more. 

Apply to hair 

Apply any excess oil from your hands onto your hair. Spread it evenly. Don't apply too much force as it may cause damage to your hair.  

Leave overnight 

Wrap your head with a towel or shower cap and leave overnight. This will allow the nutrients to get absorbed.  

Rinse with shampoo 

The next day, shampoo as you would regularly. Be sure to use lukewarm water and avoid hot water. If your hair feels oily after shampooing once, you may shampoo again. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the scalp. You could go for a conditioner if you wish. Hair oil is a great product for many different reasons. It can be used to soothe a dry scalp, moisturize your hair, and make hair softer and shinier. It helps you fight against frizzy and flyaway hair.  

Frequently asked questions: 

How often should you apply oil? 

A: It is ideal to oil your hair the night before you plan to shampoo. Leaving the oil overnight allows the oil to work its magic. However, you can use a little oil everyday to style your mane. 

How much oil should I apply? 

A: Apply just enough oil so that it coats your hair and scalp. It is always easy to start with less and add more. 

Which oil should you prefer? 

A: Look for hair oils that contain essential oils like argan oil and onion oil. They provide numerous benefits. After all the mane is very important for a lion.    

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