Superiority of Oral strips - The Himalayan Yeti

Superiority of Oral strips - The Himalayan Yeti

Why people don’t like taking medicines? 

Many people don't like taking their medicines because it leaves an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth. Another reason is that it is cumbersome to carry your pills everywhere you go. Some people are afraid of choking on their pills. What if there is an alternative that solves all these issues? Oral strips are the way to go. 

Oral strips as an alternative to conventional medicine 

Oral strips are a relatively recent innovation that first started as a breath freshener. Oral strips are basically dissolvable thin films coated with an active ingredient. 

The active ingredient could just be a flavour (for breath fresheners) or the active compound of a medicine. 

The basic ingredients required to make an oral strip are: 

  • Active ingredient (this is the main ingredient that acts as the medicine) 
  • Film-forming polymer (this is the ingredient that forms the base of the strip and dissolves in the mouth) 
  • Plasticizers (this increases the strength of the film so it doesn't get damaged during processing or transport) 
  • Surfactants (this causes the film to dissolve instantly) 
  • Saliva stimulating agent (this increases the production of saliva causing the strip to dissolve rapidly) 
  • Sweetening and flavouring agents (these impart a palatable flavour and sweetness to the strip) 
  • Colouring agent (these impart a pleasant colour to the strip) 
Superiority of Oral strips - The Himalayan Yeti

Oral strips for good health 

One of the benefits of oral strips is that they dissolve almost instantly when placed on the tongue or the cheeks. This enables the active ingredient to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This reduces the time it takes for the drug to take effect. This also removes the need for water. 

Another benefit is the ease of administration, especially in pediatric and senior patients, where the complete dosage is difficult.  

It is also beneficial for patients suffering from nausea, since using oral strips doesn't involve any form of digestion. This also negates the chance of choking. 

The only major drawback of oral strips is that only very low dosages (up to 30mg) can be incorporated. The packaging also requires special machinery and processing. 

Oral strips are not widely sold in the market just yet. They are still being tested and improved every day. It won't be long before all medications are available in the form of oral strips. In the meanwhile, try out The Himalayan Yetis range of oral strips, which includes vitamin strips, sleep strips, caffeine strips and mint strips. We promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Frequently asked questions 

Why should you prefer oral strips? 

A: The Himalayan Yeti’s oral strips are easy to carry and use –hassle-free. It comes in compact sustainable packaging and doesn’t require water to be ingested. 

How to use oral strips? 

A: Just place the strip on your tongue and let it dissolve. Avoid taking water for the next 10-15 mins to let the active ingredient be absorbed by your tongue. 

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