How to use Face Wash

How to use Face Wash

About cleansing 

Cleansing is the first and foremost part of any skincare routine. If not done just right, the subsequent regime won't be effective. Therefore, it is paramount to choose the right product. Just as important is knowing how to use the product correctly. For many men, cleansing is probably the only action they take that resembles a skincare routine. This is how to use a facewash for men.

How to use Face Wash

Types of face wash 

Selecting the right facewash depends on your skin type.  

  • Cream based face washes are creamy and lush. They possess a hydrating and soothing property. This makes them the perfect fit for people with dry skin. 
  • Gel based face washes are great at exfoliating. These pull out any excess oil and unclog pores. They are also antiseptic which works wonders against acne causing bacteria. This is an ideal product for people with acne or oily skin.  
  • Foam face washes are halfway between gel and cream-based face washes. This makes them fantastic for people who have part dry and part oily skin. These are gel or cream based and pour out as a thick and bubbly foam (to bring out your inner child). They are just as effective as gel-based face washes to remove excess oil. 
  • Oil based face washes are (yeah you guessed it right) oil based. The oil base is designed to unclog the skin pores without interfering with the natural oils. This works well for both dry and oily skin (we were surprised as well).  
  • Clay cleansers draw out the excess oil and dirt from your pores. This makes it great for oily skin. Since they don't contain any scrubs or harsh ingredients, they can also work wonders for people with sensitive skin. 
    How to use Face Wash

    Steps to use face wash 

    Now that we have that out of the way, it's pretty easy to use your face wash of choice.  

    Wash your hands 

    After spending all day out there facing (see what I did there?) the harsh environment, who knows where your hands have been? You certainly wouldn't want them anywhere near your face. So, wash your hands thoroughly before we begin. 

    How to use Face Wash

    Splash some water on your face 

    Avoid using hot water since it can remove the natural oil from your skin. Use warm water and wet your face completely. 

    Take some face wash 

    Take a coin-sized dollop of face wash in your palm and add a little water to it. Rub your hands together (like an evil mastermind) to work up a lather. Please do not apply the face wash directly onto your face. I might have to report you to the police if you do. 

    Apply the face wash 

    Gently massage the lather onto your face using circular motions. Make sure to get it into all the places like under the chin and on the neck. 

    Make sure it doesn't get into your eyes and try not to swallow it (even if it is tasty).  


    After spreading the face wash thoroughly, rinse it completely using warm water. Make sure not to leave any of the face wash on around the eyes as it can cause irritation.  

    Pat dry 

    When drying your face, make sure to not rub the towel as it may irritate the skin. Always pat dry your skin using a soft towel. 

    As noted above, it is important to use a face wash that suits your skin. It is also advised to avoid any face wash that contains alcohol. The Himalayan Yeti introduces its Deep Clean Face & Beard Wash. It contains natural moisturising elements like Vitamin E and Ginseng while avoiding alcohol. And the best part- it is suitable for all skin types! 


    Face washes are one of the most popular skincare products for men and women. It is one of the most used skincare products in the world. Face washes are specially formulated to wash the dirt and oil off our faces. It is important to use a face wash twice a day to keep our face looking clean and healthy.  

    Frequently asked questions 

    How many times should you use face wash? 

    A: Use a face wash twice daily. Once before stepping out of your home and once after coming back in. 

    Which face wash should you use? 

    A: While the particular face wash depends on your skin type, it is advised to avoid any products with alcohol as it dries the skin. 

    Which face wash should you use for sensitive skin? 

    A: It is advisable to conduct a patch test to know if your skin is sensitive to a particular product. But you should look for products that mention “for sensitive skin” or “fragrance free”. 

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