How to use sleep strips - The Himalayan Yeti

How to use sleep strips - The Himalayan Yeti


Sleep is a crucial part of one’s daily life. It sets the tone for how the rest of your day unfolds. If you do not get adequate sleep, you are easily irritable, unable to focus on your tasks and groggy throughout the day. When you sleep well, you are alert throughout the day, perform your chores well and are sociable. 

Many people suffer from inadequate sleep because of stress and irregular sleep cycles. Using your phone or watching a screen before sleeping interferes with your sleep.  

How to use sleep strips - The Himalayan Yeti

What are sleep strips? 

The first step towards a good night's sleep is regulating your sleep cycle. Do this by fixing your bedtime and adhering to it. You might have some trouble getting used to it in the beginning. We have just the thing to help you with this. Try out the nature-safe, vegan, non-habit-forming offering from The Himalayan Yeti. The Soulful Sleep strips contain melatonin, valerian root extract and vitamin B6 to help you fall asleep faster and feel refreshed when you wake up. 

About the ingredients 

Melatonin is a natural hormone that helps in promoting a regular sleep cycle. Darkness stimulates the production of melatonin and light stops it. Your body starts producing melatonin about 2 hours before sleeping and inhibits your nerve activity.  

Valerian root is the root of the perennial flowering Valerian plant. It has been used in herbal medicine for a long time due to its sedative and anti-anxiety properties. It enhances the effects of melatonin by reducing nerve activity.  

Vitamin B6 is an essential nutrient in your regular diet. Since vitamin B6 promotes the production of melatonin, its absence could potentially lead to insomnia.  

All these magical ingredients are seamlessly combined in the Soulful Sleep strips to give you the sleep you always dreamt about. 

How to use sleep strips - The Himalayan Yeti

Directions of use 

If you are experiencing inadequate sleep or feel tired even after a long sleep, try our sleep strips. They are pretty easy to use. Place a ThinSolTM strip on tongue and watch as it melts in your mouth and the subtle cranberry flavour coats your mouth. 

Precautions to follow 

To enhance the experience, avoid caffeine at least 6 hours before your bedtime. Avoid using your mobile or TV before going to bed. Take the sleep strip about an hour before you go to sleep. Also, try not to drink water for 10-15 minutes after taking the strip.  


No matter your sleep pattern. We are sure that once you try out The Himalayan Yeti’s Soulful Sleep strips, you will never have a lazy day.  

When the sleep strip takes over, you'll feel yourself slipping into a deep slumber. The valerian root extract will ensure you wake up the next morning fully refreshed and rejuvenated. The melatonin and vitamin B6 will guarantee a drowsiness-free day.  

Frequently asked questions: 

When do I take the sleep strips? 

A: Take the sleep strips about an hour before your bedtime. Then let the strips do their job as you fall into a deep sleep. 

How many sleep strips can I take a day? 

A:  You might be asleep for two days at a stretch if you use many strips at a time. It might sound like fun, but we don’t recommend taking more than one sleep strip a day. 

How to use the strips? 

A: Just place the strip on your tongue and feel it pull you to sleep while leaving you refreshed the next day. 

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